MECA’s volunteer program aims to provide volunteering opportunities to refugees, migrants and the broader community in Mount Druitt and surrounding areas for the purpose of improving job readiness and enhancing social networks

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In addition, these volunteering opportunities improve the skill level of volunteers, whilst also enhancing their ability to engage in other forms of social and economic participation. Volunteers also enable MECA to improve and promote volunteering participation, increase diversity within the volunteering sector. In order to achieve this goal MECA has developed and instituted volunteer management programs as well as policies and procedures that adhere to National Standards and are regarded as best practice in the management of volunteers.

MECA recognises that is our responsibility to play an active role in enhancing the skill level of our community. One method of achieving this is through training volunteers and supervising students on placement. It is through these programs that we are able to better assist the local community and allow them to assist each other.

Volunteers and students provide MECA with administrative support, assistance with program delivery such as festivals, forums and client support. This enables us to continue to deliver the high level of service that our clients and the wider community have grown to know. We acknowledge the support that we receive from our volunteers and believe that all volunteers have the ability to contribute to their community.

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