Meet Our Team

Individual commitment to a group effort: That is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

I engage and work closely with young people, relevant organisations, local businesses, community groups and education providers. My role is to establish educational and employment referral pathways for clients and also coordinate school based mentoring programs. I am passionate about working collaboratively in supporting community initiatives.
Daniel Gobena


I grew up in a mountainous village and came to Australia in 2000 with my family. Prior to coming to Australia I was a journalist at the Arabic radio station. I have always felt inspired to assist others in the pursuit of their goals, I am encouraged by colleagues and leaders who carry out their work in a respectful and empowering manner. I have a keen interest in different cultures, migration and people’s journey through resettlement. I am meticulous in my work and like everything to be in order, working in the not for profit world has definitely challenged my perfectionism and helped me to learn flexibility. I love gardening and reading!
Yousef Ammar

Bilingual Caseworker

I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and I speak Dari, limited Pashto and Urdu. I studied accounting and then worked at a bank for 3 years in Kabul. Due to the war, I left Afghanistan and went to Pakistan with my family prior to coming to Australia in 2002. My own experiences as a refugee and my dedication to working with people who have been forced to leave their country of origin led me to work as a caseworker with refugees in Australia. I thoroughly enjoy my work as a caseworker at MECA. People have their own challenges and successes throughout the resettlement process and I believe that people deserve to live their life freely and with dignity.
Raeanne Ali

Bilingual Caseworker

Being a migrant in Australia, I can relate to the challenges faced by the migrants, and my passion to support them carved my path to MECA. I like to identify the needs of the community, instil a sense of belongingness, and solve community problems collectively. Helping them to overcome their employment and linguistic troubles and enhance their ability to engage in other forms of social and economic participation through MECA's volunteering program is my key goal. My experience as a teacher allows me to work with vulnerable kids by assisting them with MECA's Homework Support program. This country has provided me with ample opportunities and I am committed to giving back to society.
Neha Teli

Volunteer Coordinator

I am a fifth-year student at Western Sydney University studying a Bachelor of International Studies/Law (Honours) and a Bachelor of Applied Leadership and Critical Thinking. I have a particular interest in African affairs and perspectives. I enjoy coordinating MECA's Mentoring Program for youth because it focuses on building the confidence and emotional wellbeing of young people in our local community, also encouraging students to dream big. I am passionate about working together with young people to achieve their goals and to ensure they feel empowered and supported. I enjoy travelling to Ghana, West Africa.
Adjoa Assan

Mentoring Program Coordinator

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Farhana Mollah

SwimSafe Coordinator

I have always been fascinated with people’s stories, their journeys, the ups, downs and what it is that makes us truly happy. As a husband and father of two, I have come to a realisation that nothing makes us happier than making others happy. I bring this outlook and understanding to my role at MECA. I use my administration, I.T and design skills that I have acquired while working in various roles within both the corporate and NGO sector.
Fadi Deeb

Admin Officer