NSW Settlement Partnership

A dynamic network of leading organisations supporting refugees and migrants

The NSW Settlement Partnership (NSP) is a powerful consortium of diverse settlement service organisations led by Settlement Services International (SSI), it has been delivering results since 2015.

We are a proud member and one of the 21 organisations, that works together with our partners to support refugee and migrant communities in NSW throughout their settlement journey.

Members include the leading migrant resource centres (MRCs), multicultural services and ethno-specific agencies.

The key vision of the network is the empowerment of refugees and migrants so they can thrive independently in their new home.

Together, we deliver settlement services under the Department of Home Affairs’ Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Program (SETS).

Since 2015, collectively, we have supported 185,886 clients via 546,628 instances of service across 88 Local Government Areas, with 177 client countries/cultures which include over 160 ethnic languages spoken by clients.

The NSW Settlement Partnership offers an innovative service delivery model to address the diverse range of needs of clients, community and government.

Leveraging grassroots experience and the power of a large network, the NSP offers equitable participation in Australian society, promoting social cohesion and productive diversity.

To find out more about the NSW Settlement Partnership click here.

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